Terms and Conditions

In the event I am selected to be engaged as a volunteer by the Organising Committee of the IAAF World Athletics Championships- Doha 2019 (“the Organising Committee”), I accept and agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions which will apply to my volunteering activities:

1        Volunteer’s Role and Responsibilities

1.1  My services will be provided on a voluntary and pro-bono basis and will not in any event or circumstances be considered as employment.

1.2  I will abide fully with the instructions, policies and rules of the Organising Committee with dedication and commitment in addition to respecting and abiding to all rules, regulations, traditions and customs existing in the State of Qatar.

1.3   I am fully aware of the existence of risks in the place where I am volunteering and I will not take any action that may risk my safety or other’s safety.

1.4  I will  preserve all materials, equipment, and other products or assets provided to me by the Organising Committee, and to return those, to the Organising Committee at the end of my volunteering services in the same condition as I received them from the organising committee.

1.5  I will notify the Organising Committee of any concepts, ideas, or materials which I may create or develop in connection to my provision of voluntary service. I undertake that all such intellectual property rights, copyrights, and other rights in any such creations or materials shall at all times belong to the Organising Committee.

1.6  I will not at any time engage personally or assist any other person to engage, in any media, advertising, marketing or general social media comments or promotions relating to:

1.6.1       The Organising Committee, without prior written approval of the Higher Management;

1.6.2       Any other organization while performing volunteer service; or

1.6.3       Any other activities which may adversely affect the Organising Committee’s interests or that of the  International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

1.7  I acknowledge that all the championship racing and surrounding events during the championship may be documented and filmed and that video images of me or my photographs may appear in the media or be used by the Committee as it thinks appropriate.


2        Organising Committee’s Rights and Responsibilities

2.1  The Organising Committee will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any loss or damage to my personal property.

2.2  In case of a medical emergency, the Organising Committee’s medical team is authorized to provide me with medical services.

2.3  The Organising Committee will provide adequate insurance cover for me while I am undertaking voluntary services that has been approved and authorized by the Organising  Committee.

2.4  The Organising Committee, Qatar Olympic Committee and the relevant authorities of the State of Qatar, have the full right to use any of my personal information at any time without any further written consent from my side.

2.5  The Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse my voluntary participation, if I fail to meet the requirements / standards of the security and other checks performed by the relevant authorities of the State of Qatar.

2.6  These Terms and Conditions can be changed without prior notice.  Any changes will be posted on the Organising Committee’s website and shall be binding from the date of posting.

3        Confidentiality

3.1 In the course of providing my voluntary services, I may have access to confidential information relating to the Organizing Committee and the championship.  I commit not use or disclose any of these information to any party, either during or after my voluntary service.

3.2 I agree and, where applicable, give my consent to providing my personal information to the Organizing Committee which will be held in accordance with the LOC privacy policy: 



4        Termination of Voluntary Service

4.1>  In the event I want to withdraw my application or cease my voluntary service, I will give the Organising Committee three business days of notice in writing of my ceasing to be a volunteer or cancelling my application.

4.2  The Organising Committee reserves the right to terminate or suspend my voluntary service, at any time, without prior notice and withhold my accreditation card and any other access cards related to the championship such as the airport access card.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Qatar.

I acknowledge that by clicking on the “I agree” option I have read, understood, accept and acknowledge all the information included in [https://iaafworldathleticschamps.com/doha2019/].

I confirm that the information in this application has been provided by me personally and is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and by clicking on the “I agree” option in the Terms and Conditions, I agree to be bound by these.